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Arizona Trail 2021

Learning to travel in a new way. Goats are good. Arizona Trail Sep - Oct 2021

Elk country

White Horse Hills

Setting out.

Kelly Tank basecamp

Chaco at lunch break


Drink! Please!

AZ Trail.

Bismarck Lake

Thunderstorm dropped hail on us before dinner.

Talus. The good one. Or bad one. Depends on the moment.

Bismarck Lake area

Arizona Tree Frog

Timber. Best napper of the goat quartet.

Aspen grove marked by elk.

Hunt's Bumblebee I think.

Greater Short-Horned Lizard.

Elk browse, new and old.

Two-striped grasshopper

Coyote tracks, hind over front.

Mountain lion track. Left hind.

Same lion.

The road the lion walked.

Spotted Pine Sawyer

Golden Paper Wasp

Variegated Fritillary

Dookʼoʼoosłííd (Navajo name for the highest peak in AZ, which apparently means 'the summit that never melts'). Otherwise known as Humphrey's Peak at 12,633 feet. Part of the San Francisco Peaks, which are the remains of a stratovolcano.


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