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When 3 fish = 0 fish.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Took a break from coronavirus news to do some surf-fishing on the incoming tide. Figured I could add some protein to the apocalypse menu and conserve some of what we've stored. Hoped I might get lucky and catch a bunch of surfperch to cook up. About 15 minutes into it, I hooked a small 14-inch halibut (the size limit is 22 inches). For me, halibut in the surf, on a lure no less, are usually a surprise. Another fish 20 minutes later, this one larger, fighting all the way. I gently surfed it in on successive waves and then the line broke as the fish was briefly-stranded on the wet sand. I jumped on the fish with both hands and pinned it down, slipped my fingers under the gill cover and retreated up the beach. The lure was still stuck deep in its throat. A bunch of kids behind me applauded. Guy fishing next to me congratulated me with a shout of ' nice hali ! ' I thought for sure this fish (pictured below) was the one to come home. But measured 20 inches. 10 minutes later, I caught a third 'hali', this one 18 inches. A fun time, but no dinner. When non-human species catch fish, they eat fish. Not so with us. Stay safe out there and let's hope this virus passes over soon. Gear: 7 ft Rapala Extreme Light Weight pole, with 1/4 ounce Kastmaster on 8 lb. test line.

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